Journey to the new Shelter



This page is used to document the journey to the new Shelter. Sorted by Dates (newest on the top). All pictures are taken from numerous Sources (Facebook, Messenger). The reason to do this is to collect all information's in one Page for later usage in News, Newsletters or Web Pages



Here we go. please insert your pictures to the corresponding dates or add them with a new date

20220324 Fritz Landing 2



20220313 New Storage Container on Site



20220301 Preparing the Place for our new 12Meter Storage Container




20220221 New Road




20220220 Good Morning at SAWALAND






20220219 Road and Fence building



20220124 Snow is falling





20220107 Leveling the Ground Floor for the Dog Areas


Leveling the Entrance Floor with the Caterpillar


Floor Completed


20220104 A Man with a Plan


20211205-2 Placing the Poles for the Donkey Fence



20211205-2 Building the Sink Holes for the Sewage (second and third Level)




20211205-1 After the Storm and the rain in this Week

Road looks brilliant



20211202 Farm Live Today



20211129-2 Second Stable finished




20211129-1 Dogs all over the Place





20211127-2 Farm Life Impressions



20211127-1 First Phase of Building the second Stable




20211125 Creating the Foundation for the second Staple




2021.11.21 Sawaland Tour


2021.11.10 Impressions from the Volunteer Level on Sawaland


2021.11.08 Building Fences on Sawaland

2021.11.06 When you know that this is HOME! Benjamin piglet laid back

2021.11.05-2 Sawaland Impressions



2021.11.05-1 Sawaland From Font to TOP



2021.11.04-3 Farm Live



2021.11.04-2 Pictures from the Volunteer Area (Building and Placing Container)



2021.11.04-1 SAWALAND from above




2021.10.31 Building the Base for the Living Containers




2021.10.12 Staple Completed




2021.10.09 Moving the first Goats to their new Home




2021.10.08 Building the First Staple for the Donkeys


2021.10.07 Preparing the fundamental for the Donkey Staples (till 22:00)


2021.10.05 Meeting with the major and Mr. Sigalas (Animal Office Santorini



2021.10.05 Building the House for the Goat’s Pigs and farm animals in general

2021.10.02 Building the First Toilette on Sawaland

2021.10.01 Signing the Pre-Sales Contract with the Owner

2021.09.23 Unloading Supplies from

They brought the following Materials

  • Hay for the Donkeys

  • 2 Staples for the Donkeys

  • 1 Storage Container

  • Pallets of food for the Dog’s and the donkeys



2021.09.23 More Terra forming

2021.09.22 Terra Forming the Land to suit our needs

During 5 Days Dave and some Construction People moving over 1000m3 Earth and Sand for creating the new Structure of the Land

  • Level 1 Entrance and Dog Areas and Horses (Including 2 Storage Container for Food, Tools and Utilities)

  • Level 2 Farm Animals Donkeys Stables (including 1 Storage Container for Food and Utilities)

  • Level 3 Volunteer Homes

  • Level 4 FriGas Home

  • Level 5 Top of Sawaland

2021.09.16 Put the Golden Shovel in the Ground

2021.09.15 Leveling the Ground


2021.09.08 Building the First Gates on Sawaland

2021.08.24 Life on Sawaland showing the Horse Area

2021.08.24 Moving the Horses to Sawaland




2021.08.18 First Water in the Water Tanks


2021.08.18 First Living Area in Sawaland (Tent)


2021.08.16 Water Tanks Installed




2021.08.13 Going further



2021.08.12 Fencing and Container at Level 0 Sawaland

The container has arrived at SAWALAND and the fencing nearly done for the donkey area. The doors need fiting and last bit of fence but that can't go up yet as Dave needs access with his mean machine so the military nets can be put up



2021.08.10 get it on



2021.08.08 First Impressions with Dave and Tig

2021.08.03 Building the Fences during the Heatwave



2021.07.31-3 First Terra forming on Sawaland


2021.08.04 Building the Road to the second Level



2021.07.31-2 First Steps on Sawaland


2021.07.31-1 Impressions from the Basecamp



2021.07.27 First Impressions from Sawaland


2021.05.19 Moving another Donkeys to the Basecamp










2021.05.18 Basecamp Impressions


2021.04.22 Walking with the first Animals to Basecamp